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Welcome to Rosenthal - where country and contemporary living collide to create your new path to urban freedom. A place where you are free to breathe country air, enjoy room to move and travel the journey to the life you have always wanted. our vision, your home
Within this masterplanned development of green spaces, superb homesites and environmentally responsible planning, there will be a socially active community of people bonded by their location. explore sunbury

Ever wondered where the name Rosenthal originates?

Rosenthal, meaning Rose Valley in German, was named by Robert Frederick Kurrle, a German immigrant from Wertenburg who purchased the land our land development is today in 1869 and developed the Rosenthal Winery.

Vineyard Road was an important wine producing area at that time, boasting 8 flourishing vineyards along its route. The original Rosenthal Wine cellar ruin still stands today.

Stunning photos taken by:
Jae Doyle Photography and Nicole Taranto Photography.


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