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How do house and land packages work?


Are you in the market for a new home or investment? While there’s a wide range of options to consider, a house and land package could be the perfect solution!

House and land packages combine effective building with great value. With a simple buying process, affordability and included extras, these all-in-one packages have so much to offer. But what exactly are they, and what do you need to know when buying a house and land package? Keep reading to find out!

What is a house and land package?

A house and land package is a deal that includes purchasing both a piece of land and the building of a new home on it. Land developers generally offer this in collaboration with builders. Because they include everything from the land to design and build, house and land packages provide a stress-free building experience.

At Rosenthal, we offer affordable, modern house and land for sale in Sunbury in partnership with some of Victoria’s leading builders such as Burbank, JG King, Nostra Homes and more.

Buying land vs a house and land package

Buying land is where you buy your desired lot only and decide on your dream build later. In comparison, a house and land package combines all of this in one prepared, neat package, which includes land, design and build. Some of the main differences are:

– Customisation
If you have a specific home build in mind that meets your every need and desire, then you’re best to buy land only. Generally, house and land packages for sale are limited to select amounts of home designs, and any changes typically cost more.

– Effort
If you’re looking for a low-maintenance home-buyer experience, then a house and land package might be the best fit for you as they generally require less coordination. When you purchase land, you’re responsible for sourcing contractors, organising permits, paperwork and site costs. This is great if you want a more hands on experience with complete control, however could be overwhelming if you’re new to the building experience.

– Cost
Is buying land and building a house later cheaper? No. Buying land can be pricier than a package because of the extra costs such as site costs, permits, contractors and more.

However buying land is generally cheaper than buying an existing home, since the home is built to your specifications and doesn’t require any upfront maintenance.

Are house and land packages worth it?

Yes! If you want to buy your dream home for less without the hassle, house and land packages are for you! Here are some of the main reasons house and land packages are a good investment.

– Everything in one: Forget organising documents, builders, and all those little details. House and land packages offer a stress-free experience with everything taken care of. Simply choose your desired lot size, select your dream home design and leave the rest to us!

– Affordability: When you purchase house and land, you secure a fixed-price package. This eliminates any nasty surprise costs during the building process – talk about peace of mind!*

– Guided building experience: If you’re new to the housing market, knowing you’ll always have support is essential. With a house and land bundle, you’ll receive regular updates from your builder and get thorough support from your developer. This assistance allows for a more streamlined process helping you to move in faster.

– Included extras: Landscaped gardens, manicured driveways, interior painting and outdoor patios. These are only some fantastic additions included in the fixed price of house and land packages!*

At Rosenthal, we work with Victoria’s most reputable builders to bring you some of Sunbury’s best house and land packages! We’ve got packages for all ranging in size from 263m2 to 501m2. From a generously sized 3 bedroom home for $550,500 to a double storey, 4 bed 3 bath for $727,300. (priced as of August 2023)

Ultimately, house and land packages are an excellent investment opportunity for first-home buyers and investors with so much to offer – from affordability to included extras, fixed costs to no surprises; find your dream home and move in faster with house and land packages.

Surrounded by quality shopping, established transport and diverse schooling options, live within Rosenthal’s master-planned community. Check out the house and land packages at Rosenthal Sunbury today or speak to our Estate Manager, Joe, on 0402 044 012.

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