Shortlisted for the UDIA 2022 award for excellence | Rosenthal - Sunbury

Shortlisted for the UDIA 2022 award for excellence


Past, present, and future – Rosenthal is the next chapter of Sunbury’s history!

We are proud to announce that Rosenthal masterplanned estate in Sunbury has been shortlisted for the UDIA 2022 Award for Excellence in the Masterplanned Development category.

Rosenthal, developed by the Millett family, is so much more than a residential development, and it is exciting for this to be recognised within the industry. From its inception, the Rosenthal story has centred on the Millett family’s historic ties to the site and the site’s past lives.

The estate’s name, Rosenthal, meaning Rose Valley in German, was originally named by Robert Fredrick Kurrle who had purchased and developed the land in 1869 – our marketing campaign kept the same name in honour of the site’s history.

Throughout the project, the stage releases, street names and parks have tied into the historic significance of the site such as Tom’s Park named after Tom Millett, Angela’s Park named after Angela (Potts) Millett, The Windmill release, Eileen’s Way, and Norah Street to name a few.

Another example was the Stage E1 release named the ‘Crossing Release’; paying homage to the site where the dairy cows would cross to be milked from 1964-1991.

Bringing a local family’s vision into life!

The Milletts are a local farming family with generational ties to the Sunbury Township. Throughout each generation, across 170 years, the Millett family has been in sync with the community, culture and needs of the local. This passion for Sunbury was a key driver for the creation of Rosenthal.

Tom Millett had a vision to create an extended community of Sunbury. People come to Rosenthal to enjoy the open spaces, access some of the best schools around, and easy access into the city.”

This project has been many years in the making. It was Tom and Angela’s dream, and the family will continue to make it one of the most premium estates in Melbourne.
Unlike the countless other estates and masterplans that are simply focused on developing land and selling properties, Rosenthal stands out due to its unique human element and the desire of the Millett family to continue Sunbury’s historic relevance well into the future.

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