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Why is Sunbury a good place to live?


Sunbury is a beautiful place to live, and there are so many reasons why it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a house in Melbourne.

Where is Sunbury? Sunbury is a town located just 40 minutes from Melbourne. Close enough to make easy daily trips to the city but far enough away to enjoy some peace from the hustle and bustle, Sunbury has a distinct country feel with plenty of open space and a strong sense of community.

Wondering why Sunbury is a good investment? Keep reading!

1. Affordable housing

If you’re looking to buy a house in Melbourne that offers good value and lots of fun things to do nearby, then Sunbury should be on your list!

Compared to the skyrocketing prices of real estate in Melbourne, Sunbury offers much more affordable housing options. This makes it an attractive choice for young families entering the property market or those looking to downsize and enjoy a quieter way of life. It’s also a fantastic option for investors looking for a convenient, well-connected area to buy an investment property!

2. Access to nature

On top of its affordability, the natural landscapes are a reason Sunbury is a good place to live.

Surrounded by the nearby Macedon Ranges and the Sunbury and Jacksons Creek Reserves, there’s so much to explore!

Rosenthal Estate, located in the heart of Sunbury, is home to over seven established conservation reserves and parks as well as stunning waterway weaving throughout, perfect for afternoon walks with your dogs, picnics and entertainment for your children.

3. Excellent education options

There’s a fantastic variety of schools in Sunbury Victoria, from early learning to high school.

Some of the fantastic Sunbury primary schools include, including Sunbury Heights, Killara Primary School and Kismet Park Primary School.

As for secondary schools in Sunbury, you’ll find a wide variety of public and private options including, Sunbury College, Sunbury Downs and Salesian Catholic College.

Did you know Rosenthal Estate is home to Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School & Bambini Early Learning Centre?

4. Convenient location

While Sunbury still offers a rural feel, it’s proximity to Melbourne’s CBD is another appealing factor.

With the Calder Freeway boarding the town, you can enjoy an easy commute to the city for work or entertainment in just 40 minutes!

Or, if you prefer public transport, Sunbury Train Station, with a connected bus station, can get you to Melbourne and beyond with direct trains running every 15 minutes!

5. Established amenities at your doorstep

Finally, one of the best reasons Sunbury is a good place to live is the wide variety of nearby amenities.

Bursting with entertainment options, including Reading Cinema, Sunbury Square Shopping Centre, and surrounded by some of the best cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars, there’s plenty of places to visit day or night!

Just a short walk from home, you’ll find all your daily essentials at Home Co Shopping Centre in Rosenthal. With convenient stores, including delicious coffee from Brown Cow Cafe, Woolworths and a medical centre, everything you need is only minutes from your door.

Overall, Sunbury is a great place to live for anyone seeking a quieter way of life without sacrificing access to all Melbourne offers.

Looking for a home for sale in Sunbury? You should consider Rosenthal. With some of the best land in Sunbury and varied house and land packages available in various sizes and prices to suit all budgets, there’s something for everyone within our family-oriented estate!

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